06 February 2010

Martino and Artan

I had a dream that Martino came by casually and hung out (in my dream situation, which was not my regular surroundings) and it was a comfort for him to just be there. The matter of the conversations and doings wasn't what the dream was about. The substance of the dream was emotion, not narrative, and his presence was warm.

This morning Keith/Gunwaldt and I were out having breakfast and Jeff/Artan arrived (with his sons and another boy). We were nearly finished eating. He came to sit a moment, and so I asked about Martino.

Our son Marty/Bardolf is Artan's squire (as Martino once was).

The Estrella War is coming up. I knew Marty was going with Sadie and Madigan, but I learned today that they're taking Jeff's vehicle.