09 May 2014

Thoughts on History

I have a house filled with newsletters, scrolls, letters, files, originals and copies of various SCA art projects, tickets to feasts (originals and copies), site tokens...
I have made good progress on a project to list my awards and show the scrolls and medallions or other symbols, and that's indexed here: SandraDodd.com/duckford/awards  That's mostly personal history, but sometimes other people are involved are included.  This lists the other recipients of the Cordon Royal of Artan VI:  SandraDodd.com/duckford/award/cordon

Paper is not the way of the world anymore. And although webpages can be seen by more people, they can be lost. I have lost computer files, online writings, and still I have paper. (Less than before, though; I have begun to throw some things away, finally.)

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