28 January 2008

People I miss

Baldwin of Erebor
Mark Lasie of Westminster
Sigmund Traeskaeg
Elinor Aurora of Rosewood (though I see her mundanely sometimes)
Aldred Colson (I see him too, and it's always nice)
Simonetta d'Ambrosini (I rarely, but always gladly, see her)
Richard the Strange (who talked and thought faster than I ever have and was overflowing with music)
Ferelith, Rhonwen and Jerilyn, when they were a team and a set
What I really miss is our youth and exuberance when the world as we knew it was newer.

Sigfried von Hoflichskeit
Henrik of Havn
I miss the days when I had access to their knowledge and company, their thoughtfulness and good counsel.

The landscape changed when they were gone.

Then I think of those in my life I would miss so strongly if they were as out of touch one way or another, and I try to think of nice things to do for them. Gunwaldt, Artan, Balthazar, Helena, AnneAliz, Martino, Cathyn, Matilda, Dermod. Some other friends are growing on me, and I would be embarrassed to name them (for fear of embarrassing them, I think). And I know the time is now to smile and touch and gift and thank. Yet I often fail, as the days swirl by, to be as close and as soft and as warm as I wish I could be for them.

And none of that approaches the kind of love I feel for my children, all so much like Gunwaldt in so many great ways.

So I think of laughter and smiles shared with those people up at the top of the list and inventory again what I can do today to create memories while I still have time—memories of my loved ones in me, and memories of me in them.

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AElflaed of Duckford said...

Mark Lasie hasn't seen this blog, but he did call me this evening. I hadn't spoken with him for six months or more, and it was wonderful to hear his voice.